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The Boondock Saints

If you're not about the twincest, you're in the wrong place, because this fandom wallows in it - for all the best reasons and all the perviest. There are a few gen stories recommended here, though. Heed the pairings and the ratings if you're sensitive.


Confiteor by Azrhiaz. Acknowledgement doesn't always mean repentence. Connor/Murphy. Lovely little story, tightly crafted, and one of the less angsty things on this recs page, which isn't saying a whole lot. Rated: R. (Added June 2005)

La Ultima Hora by Goodtwin. A wingfic story, but one of the good ones, especially since wingfic has a special resonance in this fandom. Angsty but tasty, not too over-the-top, despite the wings. Connor/Murphy. Rated: R for violence and death. (Added June 2005)

Clean Hands by Guede Mazaka. "Paul's old and not wise with it," and hindsight's always 20/20. Seriously angsty. Smecker/Connor, Murphy/Connor. Rated: NC-17. (Added June 2005)

Conversion by Guede Mazaka. The consquences of the conversion of a good man. Also seriously angsty. Smecker and Connor gen. Rated: PG-13. (Added June 2005)

Verdict by Guede Mazaka. Yet more angst from Guede, but it's all so good. I love all these stories because they deal with the consquences that the movie didn't have time for. Smecker/Connor/Murphy. Rated: R. (Added June 2005)

Backup-Speed Enough by Gymnopedies. Terrific use of an extended metaphor here and I'm such a sucker for family dynamics stories. Really beautifully done. Connor/Murphy tendencies but nothing explicit. Rated: R for bad language, maybe? (Added June 2005)

If I Want To Go To Pieces/I Can Do That by Gymnopedies. A lovely little piece in a somewhat experimental, non-linear style. Usually that sort of thing just irritates me, but it's very well done here. Lots of small details adding up to a great deal of character development. Connor/Murphy possibly suggested if you squint. Rated: PG-13. (Added June 2005)

Alleluia by Juniper Nyne. Another short little pre-movie thing with a fantastic ending. Barfights lead to insights. Connor/Murphy. Rated: PG-13. (Added June 2005)

Scairt by Kerry. A fairly short little story with exquisite last lines. A little fluffier than my usual taste in Boondock Saints, but Kerry keeps the sentimentality under control. Lovely and touching. Pre-movie. Connor/Murphy. Rated: PG-13. (Added June 2005)

Adhesive by Lassiter. Concerning duct tape and all the ways that one can stay warm. Connor/Murphy. Rated: R. (Added June 2005)

Full of Grace by Lillington. A seriously angsty one, concerning the inevitable end. Gorgeous prose and not too overwrought. Connor/Murphy. Rated: PG-13. (Added June 2005)

Minor Offenses by Lux Aeterna. A slip of a story about discernment and things that cannot be changed. Connor/Murphy. Rated: PG-13. (Added June 2005)

Sacrifices We Must Make by Lux Aeterna. A series of vignettes about the cost of relationship. Connor/Murphy. Rated: R. (Added June 2005)

No Matter How Many Fish In The Sea by Tailwind. A pre-movie story about the twins' adolescence, high school in America, and language classes. Fairly light and sweet. Gen. Rated: G. (Added June 2005)

Casualties by Tattooed Girl. God's war isn't supposed to have collateral damage. Connor/Murphy. Rated: R. (Added June 2005)

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