Fearless Diva's Multi-fandom Fiction Recs


Particular Favorites

Three Days Down by Jane St. Clair. Jane's always brilliant. This story is typically subtle and just lovely. Methos/Duncan. NC-17. 

All of Jay Tryfanstone's stories but I especially liked Waiting For Joe, a Methos/Duncan story loosely based on Waiting for Godot. This story isn't comfort food, unless you're comforted by writing that's graceful, subtle, powerful, lyrical, darkly hopeful and generally exquisite. Its perfection is marred only by a sizable factual error (which Jay mentions in the author's notes at the end). Alien Corn is a particularly good post-apocalyptic story of Jay's as well, also Methos/Duncan.

All of Kat Allison's stories but particularly The Outside Member, a Methos gen story that captures both the world of graduate-level academics and Methos' isolation beautifully, and Strata, a lovely Methos/Duncan romance that manages to escape fluffiness without over-indulging in the angst.

All of Teresa Coffman's stories but especially The Better Part of Valor and Darling Boy. Both are gen stories but rich in character development, and every story I've read of hers has made me laugh out loud at least once.

Other Stories Worth a Click, in alphabetical order by author (mostly):

Leaning With The Turns by Aristide. A gorgeous, charming little first time story, wherein MacLeod learns that riding a skateboard is harder than it looks, while many other things are much easier. Methos/Duncan. NC-17. You can find her other stories here.

Waters of Life and Death by Basingstoke. Another fantastic, very long, X Files crossover. Methos' former students have a knack for mayhem. The most recent shows up unexpectedly, missing more than just a limb and sowing confusion. Cory/Amanda/Duncan, Duncan/Methos implied. No graphic sex.

In Each Moment, Grace and its sequel In Each Heart, Hope by Dasha. Great snark from Methos and Joe, and wonderful characterizations of everyone. Her other stories are also quite good. Methos/Joe, Duncan/Joe, Methos/Duncan implied. No graphic sex.

Of My Own Free Will by Eng. An intriguing and well-written take on the concept of Sanctuary. Methoscentric, gen(ish). No graphic sex. (Link added April 2005.)

Futures Without End Zines. Most of the stories here are pretty good, and a few are very good. The quality seems to improve as the editions go on. All these stories are Methos/Duncan. Various ratings. (April 2005: Fixed link.)

A Winter's Tale by Jane Mortimer. Methos hanging out in the bar, giving Joe a bit more than he bargained for. Excellent snark, gracefully executed. PG at most.

Degrees of Separation by Kai. A fantastic exploration of Methos and Kronos' relationship. Beautiful prose and skillfully drawn, complex characterizations. Methos/Kronos. NC-17. (Link added April 2005.)

Sanctuary by Killa. A sweet first-time, slightly more usual in style than "The Bark of Dante" but nicely done. Methos/Duncan. NC-17.

Sacred Trust by Lanning Cook. Sharp dialogue, beautiful characterizations, and an intricate, twisty plot. Novel-length and worth savoring. Methos/Duncan. NC-17.

Wolf at the Door by MacGeorge. Amanda sends newly-Immortal Nick Wolfe to Duncan and Methos for training. Not terribly sophisticated, but rollicking and in good fun. Nick/Duncan, Methos/Duncan. NC-17.

Revenant by MacGeorge and Rachel Sabotini. Long and plotty, it's not deep but it's a fun ride. Duncan/OFC, Methos/Duncan. R. (Link added April 2005.)

Tant Que Je Vive by Mandragora. One of Methos' 68 former wives helps him sort out his love life. Long and emotionally intricate, with excellent original characters. Methos/Duncan. NC-17.

The Highest Bidder by Maygra de Rhema. Methos and Duncan get more than they bargained for at an art auction. Sort of a caper story, this has a pleasant 007 feeling to it, with lots of banter and a nicely-paced plot. Has one het sex scene (Duncan/OFC), but it's really a Duncan/Methos friendship story. NC-17. (Link added April 2005.)

Descent of the Muse by Maygra de Rhema. A very believable account of Methos' time with Byron. Byron is fully-fleshed here, and Methos' helpless, hopeless attachment to him completely understandable. Methos/Byron. NC-17. (Link added April 2005.)

Swords At Sunset: The Duke's Reward by Shalott. One of the Harlequin Schmarlequin historical romance AU stories; great fun executed with all the skill you'd expect from Shalott. Methos/Dundan. NC-17.

Friend of the Devil by Shalott. One version of what might have happened on the way from Darius' church to the Holy Spring in Deliverance. I really like this version. Methos/Duncan. NC-17.

The Bark of Dante by Taz. A sweet, unusual first-time story featuring a slightly-more-vulnerable-than-usual Methos. Methos/Duncan. NC-17.

Transposition by Tessa Rae. A hilarious, fast-paced body-switching story, novel-length. Methos/Duncan. NC-17. Her other stories can be found here. (April 2005: Looks like these links are dead for now. I'll scout around for replacements.)

Rapture by Wombat. It's a Highlander/X Files crossover! Conspiracies abound as Agent Mulder tries to figure out just what's up with all these headless bodies, and how an old friend might be involved. Absolutely charming and wonderfully long. Methos/Mulder. NC-17.


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